In my opinion it should be perfectly legal to talk on a hand held cell phone while driving. When you think of all the things you hold while driving like food, coffee, and cigarettes, why should a little phone be a problem?

My opinion is not shared by the state New Jersey, considering you will get a ticket if you’re caught. Of course, you should not under any circumstances be texting while driving, but now there's a study that says even hands free devices can be dangerous.

So what’s a driver to do other than take the Doors advice and keep your eyes on the road and your hands up on the wheel?

The problem with taking Jim Morrison’s advice is that we’re driving for long periods of  time in a fast paced world that needs us to multitask every second... or at least it seems that way. What distracts you the most?  Is it the phone? The people with you? Or even thinking itself? Feel free to add anything else.

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