I already knew I had a stunted olfactory sense with how many things I can't smell. Many perfumes, the additive they put in natural gas to detect a dangerous leak, etc., all completely lost on me. Yet those bastards at motor vehicles don't give handicapped tags for that. Now my fiancee Aubree has me thinking I may be color blind, too.

So help me out here. These are the pants I wore last night. Aren't they brown? She's telling me they're gray, if not a mix of gray and green. Come to think of it I've gone through this before. Whatever navy blue is I usually can't see it. I'll see two pairs of black socks. Everyone else sees a pair of black socks and a pair of navy blue socks, whatever that is.

I think it is pretty clear I'm not the color blind one. These pants, to me, are obviously a light brown. I took this with my smart phone and haven't doctored it in any way, with sepia tones or anything else. So you tell me. What color are my pants?