Through a very good friend, I recently got a celebrity autograph from a famous actress and that got him thinking, what celebrity autographs do our listeners have?

My friend Gina got me actress Tara Reid's autograph last weekend. I don't normally go out of my way to ask a celebrity for an autograph but this one was pretty cool. Not only is Tara easy on the eyes but she's a Jersey girl as well. Not too bad, right?

Dennis Malloy/NJ1015

After I received Tara's picture, it got me thinking as to what cool autographs our listeners have. Where'd you meet the person? Did you get it through a family member or friend? Was the celebrity really nice when they gave it to you?

Let us hear your celebrity autograph stories by commenting below. Or you can Tweet the story to us @ nj1015 or @ DennisnJudi as well.

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