He's up for re-election which makes tonight's State of the Union Address one of the most important to date for President Barack Obama. What can we expect to hear? 


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"This is 'game on' time for President Obama, so I think we can expect to hear a lowering of expectations and now that he literally has months to make his case to the American people, I think we'll see a great deal of him touting his accomplishments and tampering a bit with the promises he was unable to fulfill," said Dr. Brigid Callahan-Harrison, Professor of Political Science at Montclair State University.

"We're also likely to hear a great deal of optimism particularly when it comes to selling the American people on the economic recovery," said Dr. Callahan-Harrison. "It is definitely in this President's best interest to remind voters of his foreign policy successes. He'll likely talk a great deal about the death of Osama bin Laden, the conclusion of the war in Iraq and the timeline of withdrawl from Afghanistan. These successes have been overshadowed in many ways by the slow rate of the economic recovery.

"We can expect to hear about the rebounding housing market, rising employment figures and I think he will definitely address consumer confidence," said Callahan-Harrison.

"It'll be very interesting to watch and listen to the tenor with which he approaches Republicans in Congress. What most voters want and expect is a fair level of bipartisanship and I think Obama will try to be more conciliatory and approachable to the Republicans," said Callahan-Harrison.


Courtesy President Obama Campaign