The Jersey Devil, ghosts and haunted landmarks are all part of New Jersey's culture and folklore.


According to this article, there is a great debate as to whether a ghost really resides at the bottom of Round Valley reservoir. The local story is that the deep waters of Round Valley Reservoir hold an underwater ghost town which include homes and other structures.

The story does hold some truth, as the land, prior to the creation of the man-made lake was home to generations of Native Americans and local settlers, that was until, the state decided to build two reservoirs which would supply Newark and other cities in the northern parts of the state.

After some exceptions by land owners, the state went ahead with the reservoir portion of the plan, with landowners given the option to move their homes at their own expense or be left behind.

Since 1971, the state DEP says that 23 people have died in Round Valley Reservior, two of them being via suicide.

The two latest deaths were a 56-year-old fisherman from New York who drowned after his canoe capsized and four days prior to the fisherman, a firefighter was struck and killed while working a controlled burn. It was reported that the fisherman's body was found 70 feet below the service.

Are all of these just coincidence or is there more to it? What are you local myths or urban legends in your town here in the Garden State? What have you experienced that would be considered strange or paranormal? Let us hear your stories below.