By Joe Votruba

Deminski & Doyle Show recently asked the question: What song do you hate so much, it makes you want to snap? A lot of the choices we heard were irritating and repetitive.

Here are some of the choices our callers had:

Mickey in Forked River: 'Horse With No Name' - America
Suzyn in Swedesboro: 'Free Bird' - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Steve in Highland Park: 'Dust In The Wind' - Kansas
Dawn in Egg Harbor Township: 'Let Me Clear My Throat' - DJ Kool
Roy in Jackson: 'I'm Too Sexy' - Right Said Fred
Vin on 195: 'What Makes You Beautiful' - One Direction
Linda in Lakewood: "MacArthur Park"- Donna Summer

Here's your chance to give us your pick for the one song you absolutely can't stand.

Tell us the song, and why you hate it so much, in the comment section below.