After listening to Dennis and Judi talk about shame and how society doesn't want us to feel shame, yet we really should, I started thinking and asking about what we feel ashamed of living in New Jersey. Here are some of the answers I received both from New Jersey 101.5 as well as my twitter and Facebook. 18 out of 101 Facebook posts at this writing say Governor Christie as well as 4 out of out of 15 twitter responses.

Along with Governor Christie, most of us are ashamed of the taxes or as comedian/ Stress Factory owner Vinnie Brand says "Taxes, taxes taxes!" The roads and beach tags also came in high on the list of things we're ashamed of as well as the radio station and our hosts.

Here are some others:

  • Johnny DeCarlo - How once lovely little suburban towns have completely been transformed into cold, unfamiliar and unwelcoming places all because of the dirty dollar and greed. Old charming homes knocked down for development and "progress," generations run businesses closing down due to skyrocketing rents, just an overall regression of community.
  • Tom Cunningham - There are two football teams that play in our state. Yet neither of them make the claim. I feel sorry for any folks who happen to be fans of either team and live in our fair state. (Ahem) Spoken like a true Eagles fan.
  • Heather DeLuca - that reality show that everyone now associates with NJ.
  • Dave Girgenti - Tan mom. Jersey Shore TV Show. Jim McGreevy. Exit 13A.
  • Matte Kane - That whole "Taylor Ham" instead of "Pork Roll" fiasco.
  • Jeffrey Matthews - Springsteen.
  • John Kensil - Camden should have been annexed by Philadelphia.
  • B Street Band singer Glenn Stuart - Having grown up here, I lost all shame many years ago. I'm just glad I don't live in Connecticut.
  • Lynn Harold -·So if everyone is so miserable, call Rob Dekanski, sell your house and get out. It'll relieve my traffic woes. Or - stop complaining and do something! And radio hosts that like to stir up controversy where it's not needed. Why not ask "What are you most proud of in NJ?"

Ok so I will. What are you most proud of in new Jersey? Please leave your comment below.

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