'Jobs', the biopic about the late founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs is hitting theaters this weekend. The lead role of Steve Jobs is played by Ashton Kutcher. He has received both good and bad reviews for his portrayal.

Deminski and Doyle started talking about other biographical films and how well the actors or actresses played the lead role. They decided to open up the conversation to the callers.

Here are some suggestions the callers came up with:

Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles - 'Ray'
Will Smith As Muhammed Ali - 'Ali'
Leonardo Dicaprio as Frank Abignail - 'Catch Me If You Can'
Russell Crowe as John Nash - 'A Beautiful Mind'
Gary Busey as Buddy Holly - 'The Buddy Holly Story'
Faye Dunnaway as Joan Crawford - 'Mommy Dearest'
Burt Lancaster as Jim Thorpe - 'Jim Thorpe - All American'
Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash - 'Walk The Line'
Robert Downey, Jr. as Charlie Chaplin - 'Chaplin'
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote - 'Capote'
Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks - 'Miracle'
Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock - 'Hitchcock'
Gary Cooper as Lou Gehrig in 'Pride Of The Yankees'
Meryl Streep as Julia Child - 'Julia & Julia'
Robert De Niro as Jake LaMotta - 'Raging Bull'
Mel Gibson as Lieutenant Colonel/Colonel Hal Moore - 'We Were Soldiers'

Do you agree with the list? Share your own picks in the comment section below.