Dennis and Judi were discussing addictions today on the show.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Although many people like to say they can quit at anytime, the majority of them don't even realize they have an addiction. Judi's addiction is coffee. Judi readily admits she cannot go a day without a cup of coffee and just feels "off" if she doesn't have a cup at certain times of the day.

Dennis is a former smoker who has said many times on the show that he quit smoking numerous times and has been lucky to have finally quit for a good amount of time now.

After admitting their own addictions, Dennis and Judi opened it up to the listeners who called in with their own addictions and asked if you have readily admitted you have an addiction and whether you're ok with it or not.

Here is a list of just some of the listeners' addictions:

- Heroin

- Coffee

- Smoking

- Painkillers

- Listening to Dennis and Judi

- Chocolate

- Pills