It's prom season - many teens are dropping a lot of cash on outfits, transportation, and after prom plans for the special night.

Some prom-goers aren't so lucky. They have all of their plans set, only to find out they can't go to prom at the last second. Teens in Nebraska met an unfortunate set of circumstances on their prom night. As they lined up for a prom photo on a bridge, it collapsed, and the students fell into the creek. You can click here to view the photo from the scene. Although many of their outfits were ruined, the teens still ended up attending prom.

Dennis and Judi asked callers to share their prom horror stories. Some were banned at the last second, some found obstacles on the way to prom that prevented them from getting there, and some just didn't enjoy their time once they were there.

Did you have any problems that ruined your prom? Share your stories in the comment section below.