It's hard to believe August rolls in on Thursday.  Lets have some fun to celebrate the final full month of summer.

Getty Images/Matt Cardy

Please note the photo of the 2010 calendar is my favorite August calendar photo.

As you will see, some of the following days are downright silly.  Some are tasty, while several days in August hold a lot of substance.

So, here we go starting with August 1st.....



1.  National Raspberry Cream Pie Day.

2.  National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

3.  National Mustard and Watermelon Day

4.  International Forgiveness Day

5.  Work Like a Dog Day

6.  Wiggle your Toes Day

7.  National Lighthouse Day

8.  Sneak Zucchini onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day  (Very Weird)

9.  Book Lover's Day

10.  Lazy Day

11.  Son and Daughter Day

12.  Middle Child's Day

13.  Left Hander's Day

14.  V-J Day

15.  Relaxation Day

16.  National Tell a Joke Day

17.  National Thrift Shop Day

18.  Bad Poetry Day. (I'm a poet and don't know it)

19.  Aviation Day

20.  National Radio Day.  (Heck, at NJ 101.5 Every day is radio day!!)

21.  Senior Citizen's Day

22.  Be an Angel Day

23.  Ride the Wind Day

24.  Vesuvius Day (August 24th 79 A.D. was the date when Mt. Vesuvius erupted)

25.  Kiss and Make Up Day

26.  National Dog Day  (Give your pooch an extra treat)

27. Just Because Day

28.  Race Your Mouse Day (Don't ask, I have no idea)

29.  More herbs, Less Salt Day

30.  Toasted Marshmallow Day

You would think we'd wind up the month will more substance.  Finally...

31.  National Trail Mix Day

I hope you enjoy the month and make the best of every day.