With the sexting scandal of former Congressman and mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner in full frontal headlines (like how I went there?), lots of folks are asking a couple of questions.

First and foremost is, “why, after admitting to sexting with other women, does Huma Abedin stay with this “sfaccime!”

Questions only she can answer.

One would be, and this is the first thing that crossed my mind, is that there has to be something in it for her.

Dena Matos McGreevey knew it was time to bounce when her former Governor husband famously came out of the closet. However, if you were to believe his accounts, she had suspicions all along about his dalliances.

Not so Hillary Clinton throughout her husbands peccadillos.

Former Secretary of State, possible Presidential candidate, some thought she’d save face by leaving Bill behind.

Not so much, and it all worked out for her, didn't it?

So, if that were you, in the words of John Quinones, “what would you do?”

Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, has been hit with a widespread backlash after standing by her husband as he admitted to another sexting scandal.

Back in 2011 when a heckled, harried Weiner resigned from Congress and apologized for the explicit text messages that had destroyed his career, his then-pregnant wife was notably absent.

But when the latest sexting allegations against Weiner surfaced Tuesday, Abedin was right there at his side.

“I love him, I have forgiven him, I believe in him,” and the sexting matter is “between us,” she said, a message that could prove important to shaping voters’ views as they digest his latest admission.

With a spread in People Magazine last summer, it seemed like the couple was campaigning to show that Weiner had been rehabilitated, CBS 2′s Tony Aiello reported. Since then, Abedin has played a large and visible role in Weiner’s mayoral campaign.

“Huma was the one in the relationship with credibility, and her credibility was supposed to carry him and lift him up into office. And now he’s bringing her credibility down along with his,” said author and political analyst Keli Goff. “That’s what this has done, now we don’t trust either one of them and what stories they’re telling about this timeline.”

Many have noted that Abedin spent years joined at the hip with former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose power and popularity grew after she stood by her husband, Bill Clinton, during a sex scandal that led to impeachment hearings.

“It’s the Internet, it’s not physical, so it’s not that bad,” Ruth Houston, author of the book “Is He Cheating On You,” told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera. “The message she’s trying to convey is ‘I trust him and so should you.’”

Abedin worked by Clinton’s side for almost two decades. At her wedding to Weiner in 2010, Clinton told guests if she had a second daughter, it would be Abedin.

Reaction to Abedin’s comments also exploded across social media, with some wondering if they were part of a strategy, and others criticizing her for defending Weiner at all.

“I seriously hope liberal women are taking note of how weak Huma Abedin really is. Seriously,” tweeted @ashleythelorel, along with the hashtag “#LeaveHisAss.
“Huma Weiner has revealed her only priority: MONEY/POWER,” tweeted conservative commentator @LucyKnows1.

So, I’m guessing the apple falls not far from the tree. Or in this case, the “tree” being Hillary, and you pretty much know the rest.

But still, at some point, you have to save face and say, “screw it all!”

If your significant other were caught sexting with another, what would you do?