Thursday high temperatures were no better than 71 in Atlantic City, but most everybody else was in the mid to upper 60s.

That had to do with lots of clouds and some showers with thunder that moved through, especially from Ocean and Burlington Counties on north.

Today, after some early fog, variable clouds and some sun.  Also, watch for a shower or thunderstorm at any time with a few highs today in the low 70s.

Any shower around the first part of the night will be ending, then some partial clearing later, with most lows in the 50s.

Some sun and clouds Saturday with yet another chance of an afternoon or evening shower, but hopefully much of the day will be okay for outside activities.  Highs only in the low 70s, but cooler than that at the beach.

Partly to mostly sunny Sunday and Monday with highs from 78 to 82, cooler again near the water.

A quick word about the beaches. The air temperature will be settling into the cooler 60s on Saturday. And after getting into the low or mid 70s briefly on Sunday and Monday, it will probably fall back with sea breezes into the 60s both days.

Enjoy your weekend.