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3) Do you have a favorite movie about a recording artist? A couple of movies are in the works about Freddie Mercury of Queen, Janis Joplin, and Tommy James.

5) Where is the weirdest place you seen couples having sex? And do you find public sex a turn on or a turn off?

7) How much sleep do you get on a daily basis…now they say that too little sleep can make you fat…along with making you crazy?

8) Have you ever had an encounter with a black bear and do you feel a Hackettstown man should have been charged with a crime for killing young bear with bow and arrow that he says was trying to attack his dog and a friend?

9) One of the items on the ballot is to authorize the state to borrow up to 750 million dollars to make infrastructure improvements to our public and private colleges.

Would you vote yes or no to the borrowing?

11) One city in Jersey is starting an anti bullying program for kids not even in kindergarten…do you feel it’s too early to teach them about bullying?

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