I guess most everyone has a wedding album of one kind or another.

Ours has almost wooden pages with pictures of family members who always looked old to us, even when they were our age or younger.

Then along came the wedding video. You know.

The one that gets pulled out maybe once in a blue moon that nobody wants to watch that you’ve paid an arm and a leg for.

It gets better.

Now there’s the wedding NIGHT album.

Intimate shots of you and your newly betrothed done very tastefully…of course.

Just what you want the kids to find when you’re not home and they’re rummaging through your stuff.


According to this:

Brides and grooms — who already often obsessively document their first kiss, first cake slice and first dance — are adding yet another first to their wedding photographer’s list: the morning after.

“We do it very sexy and implied,” said New Jersey-based photographer Michelle Jonné, 34, who charges about $650 for the service.

The collections often share a torrid theme: couples tumbling in the sheets in various stages of undress, baring almost all to their partner and the person behind the lens.

Past happy clients include Inna Shamis.

“The minute she told me, I thought ‘that is brilliant,’” Shamis said. “When you get married, you’re in the best shape of your life and why not have these memories.”

The New Jersey PR exec, 38, only hesitated for a few seconds when Jonné asked her and husband to jump in the shower, she said.

“As the day progressed, we established this fantastic chemistry with her," said Shamis, who later posted the racy photos on Facebook and intends to someday share them with her kids.

“I wouldn’t show this to them at the age of 10,” Shamis said. “But when they’re older and can understand it. It’s their parents looking artistic … not at all pornography.”

As my daughter would say, “….ewwwww, TMI!”

I mean, c’mon….could you really think of your parents that way.

And then on top of it….posting the pictures to Facebook?

You may as well leave the curtains on the honeymoon suite open so that everyone gets a show!

Oh, you have already.