How do you get your television programming?  Do you have cable? Direct TV? Dish Network? Perhaps you have a box that just lets you watch the basic stations that were only provided with an antenna. Or maybe you’re one of growing number of people who have shunned the traditional ways of television and have gone to streaming online.

More and more UNDER 30 ‘millennials” are either cutting the cord with cable or not even going there to begin with and are streaming programming through their video consoles. Soon they will be able to get original programming from sources like Netflix, Youtube, Hulu as well as other places as well as the streaming programming already provided by these services for much less than the cost of cable.  In fact Netflix still costs less than $10 dollars a month. How much are you paying for cable?


This programming will be budgeted higher than many of the shows already on cable. Netflix programming budget is 3.7 billion dollars, Hulu announced it will spend $500 million this year and Google is investing $100 million in original content for YouTube. The programming will not be an alternative to what’s on cable now, but rather, it will be a rival to it. Let the networks have the games and reality shows, soon enough, quality programming will be on the web and when we say soon, we’re talking within the next 15 months.

How much time do you spend watching video content online? Leave your comments below.