Wear the Cape and the kidkind foundation were launched last year by Leigh Ann Errico, a mother of four, who wanted to the shift the focus away from the all the negatives, such as bullying.

Wear the Cape Facebook

"We need to focus on the positives in our society and talk about the good," Errico said.

The movement attempts to show kids how their choices can pave the way for their own success and confidence.

"We want them to see that it's cool to be a hero and to be kind," she said.

The group already features close to 1,000 'likes' on Facebook, despite launching in the fall.

Errico said the goal is to not only raise awareness about important issues facing our youth, but equip the adults they look up to with the proper tools to teach.

"Spread the word and recognize kids who are heroes and who do the right thing," Errico explained.

On Saturday, May 3, they host the 5K race for kidkind and Family Festival at the Warren Township Municipal Complex.

The proceeds from the event will benefit a few causes, including the kidkind foundation, the Warren Recreation Commission's Summer Camp Scholarship Fund, and Teens Connecting with Teens, which is an initiative started by a Chatham High School junior, Olivia Perlmutter.

The event features not only the race, but a full day of family-friendly activities.

"Every day, go out and wear your cape. Be a good person. Be a hero. Be kind. Be cool."

Learn more about the group and their event by visiting the Wear the Cape website.