Special thanks to Matt the Vape Guy for stopping by the New Jersey 101.5 studios yesterday to introduce us to the new world of vaping. At the same time e-cigarettes are under attack and being threatened with huge taxation many people called in to defend vaping as a safe alternative to traditional cancer causing cigarettes and to say it was the one thing that helped them quit. We used the zero nicotine vape juice by the way, and the flavors were crazy.

Jeff Deminski vaping in studio/Joe Votruba photo

First I tried Duck Farts-the Milkshake. It simply tasted like a chocolate milkshake. Then Doyle tried what he thought was Rabbit Poo, which actually turned out to be Marshy-Marsh something or other because of a mix up. Then the best was Original Sin which tasted like a cocktail including rum and was delicious. Bill finished up with Apple Fritters.

Bill Doyle vaping/Jeff Deminski photo

It seemed so odd to see us doing what looked like smoking in the studio but wasn't. Anyone walking by the windows would have sworn we were breaking the law. The vaping isn't something that ought to be taxed heavily unless they can find definitive proof that it is harmful, especially when it is actually helping people quit. The fact that some vaping contains nicotine is not reason enough to slam it with a sin tax. Nicorette gum contains nicotine. The smoking cessation patch contains nicotine. These are not being hit with a sin tax but instead have always been treated as positive steps to get away from a deadly habit. So should vaping unless evidence proves something to the contrary.