First we had a "National Day Without Immigrants" which was really meant to highlight the contribution of the illegals in this country. Most of us born of immigrants already know their contribution to this country. Part of that contribution was a work ethic which makes me wonder when it became alright to screw over your employer and co-workers by taking a day off to show how valuable you are.

Today's "International Womens Day" and on this day when we reflect on the contributions of women we also now have "A Day without Women" where strikes are planned as a way to show the same thing. This reminds me of "The Honeymooners" A woman's work is never done"  Granted it's no longer about the fifties wife at home but about women in the work place, but I fail to see where crippling said workplace and your coworkers by taking a day off is going to advance the cause.

It's one thing if you really feel mistreated or underpaid or unhappy in your job, the way to solve that is to either go to your supervisor and try to work out a solution, or look for a better job. If you're happy where you work and you're being treated well, then why take the day off in the first place?  Solidarity? Is it fair to the employers who treat you well to lump them in with those who don't?

The day will probably play out where some executives will make statements about how important women are and some celebrities will advance their brands by sympathizing with the cause on social media, but tomorrow, everything goes back to the way it was.

I think we as a society are spending too much time painting in broad strokes when change is really effected on a individual basis. If you're not happy with your situation, do something about it. If all women or immigrants (illegals) or whoever are taking off from work until they get what they want it's one thing, but if it's just a day to make a statement, I think it's a bad message.

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