Voting closed for Deminski and Doyle's scariest nightmare contest last night at 6 pm. The poll results were closer than the 2000 Florida recount! Congratulations to Barbara from Whiting for having the scariest nightmare. After the show ended last night, I was off to hand deliver the tickets to Barbara. Most of my drive was on County Road 539, and surprisingly I didn't have one deer jump out and try to total my car.

I made it to Barbara's house in about 45 minutes. I gave her the Fright Fest tickets and we talked for a while. Barbara offered me dinner, but I had to refuse because I kinda sorta stuffed my face with McDonald's before I got there (no shame). Of course before leaving, we had to take a selfie.

A selfie with Barbara, the winner of our scariest nightmare contest.

Once again, congratulations to Barbara for having the scariest nightmare submission.
You can read Barbara's winning nightmare submission by clicking here.

Here are the tight results from the poll.