Yesterday, we posted a disgusting video of a man picking his nose while traveling on NJ Transit. From there, we asked you to share your New Jersey commuter horror stories, and we were overwhelmed, and somewhat disgusted by your responses.

We received a ton of horrific submissions on our Facebook, as well as a handful of phone calls. Unfortunately, it seems that there are a lot of people who simply can't make it to a restroom.

Keep the horror stories coming! Comment below, tweet us @NJ1015 or message us on Facebook to tell us the worst thing you've ever seen on your ride.

Listen to those who called Dennis & Judi to share their horror stories in the clip above, and take a look at commuter horror stories posted on our Facebook below:

  • Valerie Frasca Mangan - "On a very early train, on my way in for an interview, a man sat next to me and kept leaning over and doing what seemed to be nose blowing. When the train pulled into Penn he flew out of his seat and was gone before I had the chance to realize he had blown a huge amount of mucus onto my pant leg. When I stood up I noticed a man in a row adjacent to me looking down at my feet. When I looked down I almost threw up. Fortunately I had tissues handy. It was the most disgusting thing I ever saw in my ten years of commuting on the train."
  • Angela Esposito - "I ride NJ Transit daily and have seen all sorts of things, but what takes the cake is what I witnessed on the NYC subway, at 8am on a Monday morning nonetheless. I know people will think I'm making this up, but this is the God's honest truth. Homeless man that appeared to be sleeping with his hand down his pants...was not. Not only was he masturbating, but he was occasionally inspecting for crabs (I guess?)...and flicking them onto the floor. I was so nauseous for the next hour when I got to work, I kept the trash can next to me ready to vomit. I no longer sit on a subway seat now! I just got a job transfer to Philly this week. It remains to be seen which will be worse!!"
  • Korrie Rock - "I watched a fellow Suburban bus rider take a nail clipper out of her bag and then start digging at some pimple or cut on her calf. I was mesmerized by how disgusting she was to do this on a bus filled with people, not an ounce of embarrassment doing it either."
  • Michael Allen - "Well dressed drunk lady gets on the train at hoboken with an open box of pizza and starts to nod till her face hits the pie wakes up again and nods again into the pie,We get to 34st and the conductor wakes her and she leaves train with pizza on her face and she also pissed herself leaving a mess on her skirt and a puddle on the seat"
  • Cheryl Olenczak - "A guy snuck his small white dog on the train and spent the entire time I was there (NY Penn to Princeton Junction) pulling at the dog's fur and dropping the loose fur on the ground. There was a little mountain of fur on the floor. Not nearly as gross as the others but still has me SMH."

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