A thunderstorm on Saturday morning likely created a waterspout in Brick.

Video and pictures indicate a funnel cloud moving over Kettle Creek Bay near Brick at approximately 11:30AM near the Shore Acres where a regatta was taking place. One man was hospitalized with a leg injury according to the Patch of Brick.

2 tornadoes were making their way through sections of Brooklyn & Queens at about the same time.

Vice Commodore Bob Goodyear described the effect of the possible waterspout on the club to the Patch.   "It was pretty intense. Some RV’s here were lifted off the ground. We had broken glass and some other good stuff. Apart from the young man with the leg injury, no one else was hurt,” said Goodyear, who said a scheduled Regatta was cancelled.

The National Weather Service's Mt. Holly office will consult with Ocean County Emergency Management in order to officially call it a waterspout. On it's Facebook page, the NWS told Jersey Shore Hurricane News, Justin E. Auciello, "These are always fluid and subject to change, unless new information about land based damage come forward tomorrow, it will be classified as a waterspout.