Want to enjoy the splish-splash of summer without getting a water-logged smartphone? Use one of these waterproof phone cases to snap brilliant photos underwater or to relax at the pool worry-free.

Got an iphone? get Photojojo's Scuba Suit

Photojojo's waterproof iPhone case costs $60 and will take photos underwater to depths of up to 15 feet.  It has a gel screen cover that allows your phone to maintain the touch-screen functionality underwater.

Photojojo claims that each case if factory tested and one hundred percent waterproof with a headphone jack that's also protected.

"The case latches shut to create a liquid airtight barrier that keeps your iPhone safe underwater," the makers of the Scuba Suit says on its web site.

The bad news? They're currently sold-out and the case is only compatible with iPhone 4 and 4s only.

Don't have an iPhone? No worries

Try Aquapac's Waterproof Electronics Case for $30. It's fully-submersible up to 15 feet underwater and provides full access to the phone's camera and touch screen. You can talk and hear without removing the phone from the case. Also, it's pouch-like design allows you to use it for other small electronic devices. Aquapac offers a full 5-year warranty.

For around $45, Aqua Box makes a hard-shelled waterproof smart phone case that preserves the touch screen functionality. Hey boaters, this case comes with a floating wrist lanyard so the case won't sink if you drop it into the water.

Or a more affordable option is this similar waterproof Dry Pak phone case from  Kwik Tek for around $15.


You can snag this Amphibx armband for less than $45 and it's waterproof, sweat-proof and can house a variety of smartphones.

Bring the tunes too with waterproof headphones

Want to lounge around on a raft in your pool listening to some tunes? Get some waterproof headphones to go with that case and stop worrying about splashes.

Lifeproof makes a variety of waterproof headphones for the iPhone.  Have a different smart phone? H2O Audio sells waterproof headphones as well for Droids.