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1) Senator Barbara Buono aims for looters to receive harsher punishment…would you be in favor of stiffening the punishment for looters.

2) Is Thanksgiving too early to start Black Friday? Watchung bans 'Gray Thursday' night sales

3) If you live on the barrier islands, have you been back to retrieve whatever you can…what did you find, and will you be rebuilding?

4) Have you ever had to deal with a child or a relative with a drug problem…or have you ever had a drug problem yourself, and how did you get help for it?
You know by now about Jon Bon Jovi's daughter having been arrested after OD’ing on heroin at upstate New York college.

5) How many energy drinks do you drink a day…there’s a report that the Caffeinated Drink “5 Hour Energy” was cited in 13 Deaths.

6) Ever catch a peeping tom outside your house… Dover, neighbors of one person helped catch a peeping tom with his fly down!

7) Ever curse out a cop, for what reason...and how did that go over?

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