If you needed any more reasoning as to why it is a bad idea to get into any type of altercation on the road with someone, this video should seal the deal for you.We're not sure what started this altercation but this video may be frightening enough for you to stay away from getting into a road rage incident. The video begins with 2 young women trying to avoid another vehicle who is attempting to run them off the road and get them to stop.

The incident took place near Sacramento on Dec 20, when Delanie Strykul and her friend Vanessa called the police from their car as a female driver was trying to run them off the road. At one point, you can hear the other vehicle hit their car.

Fox News reports that the other driver was Deidre Orozco, 50, of Santa Clara, who was charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, two counts of false imprisonment, unlawful use of a badge and reckless driving.

Thankfully neither Delanie nor her friend Vanessa were injured but if the police were not near by, this could've ended much, much worse.

Watch the video of the incident below. Please be advised that there is foul language used throughout the video.