A guy apparently so in love with his fancy Land Rover that he tried taking artistic photos of his SUV against an ocean backdrop probably wishes he'd done things differently. He drove it onto the sand at Island Beach State Park for a little photo session. In case you're wondering, yes he was allowed to do this as he had a permit. Well wouldn't you know the waves had their way and the wet sand began sucking in the dude's tires. I'm sorry, fancy tires. Limited edition Land Rover type tires.

Check out this video where he frantically tries to shovel away the wet sand to free his now stuck dream car. It's not snow buddy. It's going to fill right back in with each wave. Getting nowhere and realizing he's been beat, he finally accepts help. A town truck showed up and pulled him out. According to an NJ.com article, the tow operator says the 20 year old Land Rover owner (did we mention enough that it's a fancy limited edition Land Rover?) took none of his advice, such as turning off the engine while it was in the water or at least closing the driver's window. He told the tow guy not to worry about it because the truck was waterproof.

The tow truck operator even offered to tow it straight to a dealership to trade in on a new vehicle, but the man wouldn't hear of it. He insisted on driving it away himself, with a hissing noise coming from the engine and damaged electrical system causing the lights to flicker.

Maybe some guys are just a little too into their cars. Just sayin'.

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