Prankster Roman Atwood thought he was going to pull off the perfect prank on his girlfriend, but he was in for a surprise when his prank backfired on him, and it happened all on film...

Atwood and his girlfriend were celebrating their anniversary in Aruba, when he decided to prank her by telling her he had cheated on her. As expected, his girlfriend bursts into tears  and hysterics when she finds out the 'news.' Then, in a plot twist, she blurts out that she had cheated on him as well!

At this point, Atwood is furious, and starts slamming the walls, until his girlfriend finally caves in and admits that she had seen her boyfriend set up his camera, and she was lying as well.

You can watch the 'drama' unfold in the video below.

It looks like the prankster got pranked in this situation! Do you think Roman Atwood got what he deserved for setting up such a mean prank on his anniversary?