In my life, I have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane at 16,500 feet. I have hitched a ride with the Blue Angels Navy acrobatic flying team. I volunteered to be tased by a police taser. Yet I have come to the conclusion for some unknown reason I have a fear of roller coasters. This video doesn't help.

The new Joker ride at Six Flags Great Adventure is opening Memorial Day weekend. I won't be on it.

It starts with a 12-story, 90-degree hill. It will flip you head over heels six times during the ride. At times you'll feel weightless. People will love this. Just ... not me.

Now they have to test these things out for safety, and The Joker passed a major test ride Wednesday with what amounts to crash test dummies filled with water to simulate the weight and proportions and movement of riders. The park says the test went flawlessly. This video shows the test from how it would look to be right in the front seat.


Just ... not me.

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