It’s hard to imagine a rest stop toilet being a “must see” on your average road trip.

And when you need to go, probably the last place you’d think about is a toilet in a gas station.
I remember one where I needed to stop along the Garden State Parkway that was obviously a known spot for guys seeking guys.

And even if it didn’t have that reputation, you’d still not want to use the facilities.

Ahhh, but one takes the cake, albeit not here – but in the Philippines.

According to this: Philippines’ TV personality Jason Godfrey couldn’t believe the one he stopped into – complete with high class artwork, magazine racks, new age music – and the fresh scent of mint.

He said:

"It's too ridiculous -- I never make videos and post them -- but I had to make a video, and it's about a toilet. Look at it! And I can't capture the smell, but it's super menthol in here. This toilet is better than my room. It's better than my entire apartment, actually. If you don't believe me, there's a toilet right here. If you're looking to use a toilet somewhere, try to find this Shell station. Crazy!"

Check it out here:

Now that the state is thinking of converting rest areas into shopping meccas, could you imagine how it would go over were they to convert the many facilities that dot the landscape into luxury bathrooms.

Then again, given the cost, it’s not gonna happen in this lifetime.

And since many of them are places you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in – which rest stop do you avoid?