Jon Stewart spent the last 16 years hosting The Daily Show, critiquing the media and politicians with a hysterical flair. Stewart announced yesterday that he'll be ending his reign as the host of the Daily Show.

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We want to celebrate the continued success of the New Jersey-born Jon Stewart. Below are 16 great moments from Jon Stewart's time as host of the Daily Show.

There may have never been a more of a Jersey moment on The Daily Show, then when Stewart ripped Governor Christie for the 'Bridgegate.'


Part 2 of the Bridgegate rant

Stewart takes exception to Governor Christie calling for a special election to replace Senator Frank Lautenberg.

After putting Ebola nurse, Kaci Hickox under quarantine, Stewart asks "Why does Governor Christie have to be such a di** about everything?" (Find it around the 3:30 mark)

Already under fire for 'Bridgegate,' Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer make shocking allegations against the governor and Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno. Stewart takes the opportunity to create a hilarious skit called "The New Adventures of Old Christie."

Jon Stewart shows support for Ron Paul and discusses the bias in the media against Paul.

This was the first show after the events of 9/11. Stewart gives an impressive recap of the events and the emotions of the day.

Stewart gives a hilarious take on the 'War on Christmas.'

Here Stewart gives his opinion on the results of the infamous 2000 election.

This didn't take place on the Daily Show but is still known as one of Stewart's best moments. Stewart points out the political hypocrisy of the media and goes toe-to-toe with the 2 show hosts.

Jon Stewart takes Washington to task for veterans' benefits.

Here's Stewart going to head to head with Jim Cramer over the financial crisis.

A hilarious parody of Glenn Beck

Stewart discusses the Ferguson, Missouri protests

Bill O'Reilly debates Jon Stewart about white privilege

"The Strife Aquatic," was a hilarious segment based around the infamous BP oil spill in 2010.

Stewart's New Jersey roots were really on display in this rant about Governor Christie celebrating a Dallas Cowboys win in a luxury suite, in Philadelphia, with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

What are your favorite Jon Stewart moments? Keep the list going by commenting below!