Only in New Jersey can you find residents claiming their own section of the state. In Part 3 of a week-long series, “New Jersey: A Divided State,” we continue to discuss the cultural differences between those in north Jersey and those in the south.

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But what about central Jersey?

Thousands of you may have had the exact same question over the past couple days. It was certainly an issue brought to our attention by the residents and leaders we spoke to.

"There is definitely a central Jersey," Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon (R-Red Bank) told Townsquare Media. "It isn't just about north and south."

Using a map to make his point, O'Scanlon said the center of New Jersey sits between routes 78 and 195, which includes parts of Hunterdon, Mercer, Monmouth, Union and Warren counties, as well as all of Middlesex County.

While he may be biased on the subject, O'Scanlon suggested central Jersey is "the best of both worlds."

"We take all the best attributes of north Jerseyans and all the best attributes of south Jerseyans, and mix them up, and get rid of any of the negatives," he said.

O'Scanlon's split of New Jersey received approval from Mayor Paul Smith of Union Beach, Monmouth County.

"We're definitely from central," Smith said.

Garden State residents also acknowledged the presence of New Jersey's midsection.

  • "Seaside to Perth Amboy would be the central." - Ben Giordano, Bergenfield
  • "I consider myself in the middle." - Randy Acosta, Colonia
  • "I think there's a north, central and south." - Anthony McGilchrist, Teaneck
  • "It gets muddy in the middle." - Rebecca Stone, Forked River

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