Do your kids ever eat the last cookie and put the package back in the closet instead of throwing it out?
Or finish off a gallon of milk and put the container back in the fridge.

Or perhaps even let the Kerig machine’s water level get down to where the little blue light goes off without filling it up again with water.

But the granddaddy of them all has to be not replacing the toilet paper when the roll is finished.

One exasperated dad figured he’d change that behavior by making a series of instructional videos in basic household do’s and don’ts.

According to an article in the N.Y. Daily News, the father Will Reid was quoted as saying this about the now viral instructional video and notes that this video is the first in a "series of instructional videos."

"Obviously, me telling them face to face is not working," Reid said "So I've tried to be creative and I've come up with the idea of using social media to try and reach you."

And he does:

I've had the same problem at work.

Time and time again, someone leaves the jug atop the water dispenser empty without replacing it.

Fair enough. After all, what does it take for me to replace it. But then again, if it takes nothing for me to replace it, why does it not behoove my co-worker who last used the dispenser to do the same?

Imagine the things one can do with a little bit of imagination and ingenuity!