New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was spoofed again on "Saturday Night Live" as the late night show took on Ebola and quarantine-defying nurse Kaci Hickox. You can watch the video clip below.

Bobby Moynihan's "Chris Christie" fight's with Vanessa Bayer's Kaci Hickox on Saturday Night Live. (NBC)

Playing Christie, SNL regular Bobby Moynihan tells "Megyn Kelly" (portrayed by Kate McKinnon) to "shut the hell up" as he defends his quarantine of Hickox, saying she had access to "the best takeout food in Newark."

He also explains that New Jersey needs protection from a number of poisons and toxins. including "tattoo infections" and "jet fumes" from "the stench of the New York Jets."

A combative "Hickox" (played by Vanessa Bayer) says her name is spelled with an I, "as in I don't care if I have Ebola, I'm gonna ride my damn bike."