The closing moments of 'Ask the Governor' on New Jersey 101.5 usually feature Chris Christie belting out a Springsteen tune. But Wednesday's show was something of a departure.

It featured a rendition of his the governor's baseball team's song as the New York Mets make a playoff push.

Host Eric Scott reminded Christie that this is the first time the Mets are in contention since he became governor.

"First place, baby!" Christie yelled.

The Mets held a six-game lead over the Washington Nationals heading into play tonight with just 24 games to go.  But, Christie was quick to mention the Mets' historic collapses of 2007 and 2008, so he was not going to get ahead of himself.

"We will take no victory laps until the magic number is zero, and we are in the playoffs," Christie said.  "I believe the Mets will get there, but we're not counting our chickens."

The governor also discussed the hot-button issue of pitcher Matt Harvey and his much-debated innings limit.

Christie called Harvey one of the best pitchers in baseball and wants him to pitch in the playoffs, but had a bit of advice:

"He should just get his story straight and pitch, and pitch better than he did last night. Scott Boras doesn't help."

With that, "Meet the Mets" played as the show drew to a close, and the governor began singing his beloved team's theme song.

"Everybody's coming down meet to the M-E-T-S Mets of New York town!"