The World Series wrapped up last night with an amazing performance by pitcher Madison Bumgarner, who won the MVP award. Bumgarner's performance took center stage until the MVP award presentation. Then it was all about one guy and he had nothing to do with the outcome of the World Series.The presenter/sponsor of the Word Series MVP award was Chevrolet. As the sponsor, a representative of Chevy gets to present the award to the MVP. Chevrolet's Rikk Wilde had the dubious distinction of presenting the MVP award and Wilde's presentation will be remembered for quite sometime.

It almost seemed as if Wilde was a guy who forgot his notes or dropped them right before they turned the cameras on him. It was as if once the the presentation started, he forgot everything about the award and the car he was supposed to be presenting to Bumgarner. Wilde seemed to vamp and it went very wrong.

See what we mean by watching the video below.