A Brazilian TV show pulled off a hilarious prank and the reaction of the customers is absolutely hysterical. A man posing as a chef is giving away free samples of sausage at a supermarket. AS the patrons come up and try samples, the man pretends to grind out more sausage. The grinder only spits out a small piece which disappoints the awaiting customer.

The chef asks for a moment and tells the patron they will make a new batch fresh for them. The chef turns around grabs a baby pig out of a pen and proceeds to open the top of the "grinder" and drop the pig in.

The customers faces drop in horror, even with some spitting out the food that they just put in their mouth. What the unsuspecting patrons don't realize is, is that there is an open hatch where the man is putting the pig, into the waiting arms of a woman who is hiding underneath.

None of these cute little piglets were harmed in any way shape or form. We can't necessarily say the same for some of these customers though.

Check out the footage of the prank below.