Turn on Closed Captioning to see what the happy couple said.

There was love in their hearts and very literal music in the air.

During a tech rehearsal of "Hairspray" at Cumberland County College in Vineland earlier this month, 25-year-old Alex Lopez of Bridgeton sprung a surprise on his girlfriend of six years, Mariah Frost, 27, of Woodstown.

Frost, who played part of Penny Pingleton and was also the choreographer for the show, was in the dark. In fact, according to a description of the video above on YouTube, so was everyone but Lopez's best friend, who played Seaweed.

According to a report by NJ Advance Media, the director called for retake of curtain call due to "technical difficulties." The cast was asked to practice the harmonies in the song, "Without Love."

But when the giant on-stage hairspray can was opened, out walked Lopez — wearing a tuxedo and with a bouquet of roses in hand.

According to captioning on the video, Frost asked, "What are you doing, babe? What are you doing, babe? What are you doing?"

What he was doing was starting his life with the woman he loves.

"God has truly blessed me with the most beautiful, smart, ambitious, patient, strong, independent, loving and thoughtful woman," he answered. "And above all, you're mine."

She teared up as music continued behind them.

"Five years we've been together, and you've changed my life," Lopez said. "And I want you to know that if you say yes, if you say yes, I can't promise we won't ever argue. But (I) promise that you will give — that I will give you everything you've given me, every day we've been together.

"So Mariah Holly Frost — that's probably the only time I'll ever use your name ..."

And then he got down on one knee.

Well, you'll just need to watch the video to see what happens next.