Sporting Events are filled with energetic fans who love hamming it up for the jumbotron camera. One fan at a Boston Celtics game showed off his rockstar moves when a popular Bon Jovi songs hit the speakers...

It seemed like an ordinary time out at the Celtics game, until the sounds of 'Living on a Prayer' filled the stadium. One fan looked as if he was caught off guard when he spotted himself on the jumbotron - but what he did next was nothing short of epic.

The Bon Jovi fan started lip singing and dancing with the song, even making his way down the aisles to high five and hug his fellow fans. He was so entertaining, that he was featured on the jumbotron for a minute and a half.

Although the video happened 4 years ago, it recently became popular again. It just goes to show, that even Boston loves Bon Jovi!