Even the best movies have had those "oops" moments where something is spotted as to be a little fake or it just looks "off." 'Even as 'American Sniper' broke box office records last week, there was apparently something a little amiss with the movie.

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For all the buzz that the movie has generated, one single headline has grabbed the attention of the media and fans worldwide more than any other, that being the fake baby. There is a scene where Bradley Cooper and his onscreen wife Sienna Miller pass the partly mechanical baby back and forth where it is quite obvious that the baby is not real.

Real babies were actually used in a nursery scene earlier in the movie. So why with such a big budget, did Producer Clint Eastwood use such a glaringly obvious fake? Screenwriter/ executive producer Jason Hall explains in an article on the Hollywood Reporter that the first baby that was supposed to be in the movie had  come down with a fever and the secondary baby was a no-show that day. So what to do when you have a baby actor crisis? Bring in the fake baby, apparently!

Here is the clip that everyone is talking about with the fake baby and now you can make your own judgement as well:


You can see another shot of the fake baby in the movie trailer, which can be seen around the 1:10 mark.