This has to be some kind of Guinness record. And with all our bowling alleys there has to be a Jersey guy who can take this dude down.

Ben Ketola of Preble, NY bowled 12 strikes in a row in 86.9 seconds. He had ten lanes set up and quickly went down the line, hitting strike after strike with his odd two-handed style, not even slowing down to see how each ball landed. Returning to the first two lanes to finish off a perfect game, Ben could hardly believe he pulled it off. He's normally a 225-average bowler.

Ketola says he was inspired to try it after seeing a YouTube video by Tom Dougherty, a professional bowler, firing off 12 strikes over 12 lanes in 1 minute and 50.99 seconds. Check out the video of Ben's amazing feat. And seriously, this is Jersey, can't someone here top this?

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