The Washington Township Board of Education will vote this week on a budget which would cut two to three physical education positions and reduce the number of days it offers gym classes to high school students. This in an effort to keep costs down.


physical education class (YouTube)

The argument made against the idea was made by about 50 teachers who went to last Mondays school board meeting arguing that the proposal would adversely affect at risk and struggling students and increase already large class sizes. The teachers also cited research that physical activity improves athletic performance.

School board officials say the schools would still meet New Jersey's requirement that they provide 150 minutes of health, safety, and physical education per week for grades 1-12 which is about half the minimum amount of time - 60 minutes a day - that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends young people spend participating in physical activity.

What do you think the Washington Township Board of Ed should do? What was your favorite game or activity in gym?