Teaneck High School, where the vastly reported “prank” involving 63 students, mostly seniors, is concerned about its reputation.

Some feel that the coverage of the event was excessive – and paints the school and community in a negative light.

And now administrators and law enforcement officials are pondering what to do next in the wake of the event.

Add to that the concern of parents who feel that whatever is decided could affect whether or not they could get scholarships and the like.

Too bad they (the students) didn’t think of that beforehand. And equally bad that the parents seem to be making allowances for their kids behavior?

According to this from nj.com:

Superintendent Barbara Pinsak will meet with the Bergen County Prosecutor on May 12 to discuss the May 1 prank, Pinsak said at the end of a school board meeting on Wednesday night. Authorities haven't yet indicated if they plan to indict the students or refer the burglary and criminal mischief charges to the municipal court.

The concern for many parents, students and school officials is that the arrests could adversely affect students' scholarships and other future opportunities. Pinsak said she is hopeful that authorities will resolve the incident without putting the students' futures in jeopardy, though she couldn't say exactly how this would be accomplished.

Pinsak also stood by a press release she sent out last week that asserted that custodians found no traces of urine in the hallways, despite police accounts to the contrary. She said that media reports of the incident were exaggerated and that no permanent damage was done to the building.

Students rallied at the school on Wednesday afternoon to dispel some of the negative publicity surrounding the prank. Media representatives were barred from school property during the rally in order to give students a break from reporters, Pinsak said.

Board President Ardie Walser said that the incident may have had a better outcome if student's hadn't been arrested, but instead rounded up for the school to officials handle. He said once students are arrested, especially those who are legally adults, "all bets are off."

"It has as history of eating up young people," he said. "Dumb mistake, no question about it. But worth losing your whole life over it?"

Well, gee – I mean, what would the correct response have been if there’s a report of a burglary.
Do you really think the police should have just let it go as a prank and left the scene?

I’ll admit – we’ve all done stupid things, but one thing is for sure.
Our parents and those in authority held us responsible. And if it meant having a mark on your record, then so be it!

The Superintendent and Board President seem to think it’s a big “to-do” over nothing.
They’re being enablers – and are just as bad as parents who feel the incident was overblown.