Governor Christie faces a political defeat as his Supreme Court nominee, Phil Kwon, is rejected by a Senate Judiciary Committee.  The Governor is calling it political payback.


  • Governor Christie immediately held a State House press conference to voice his disagreement with the decision.
  • A new survey shows that the number of millionaires in New Jersey is growing, as is the divide between rich and poor.
  • An interesting new study finds that employers and recruiters spend around 6 seconds looking at a resume before making a decision on it.
  • New Jersey's jobless rate held at 9%, but there is some good news.
  • A DEP waiver rule is adopted and a lawsuit is filed.
  • No press conference for Tim Tebow today as it hits one more snag, but is expected to be officially announced on Monday.
  • A report shows that half of NJ adults are missing a college diploma.
  • More women are putting off marriage, according to new trends.

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Thursday's poll asked if you thought Tebow to the Jets was a good move for the team.  54% said yes.