My mother always said everyone is good at something. I'm still in search of whatever mine is, but here's a guy from New Jersey who is good at ping pong. No, not good. Jaw dropping great. His name is Adam Hugh from Warren Township. He's played in tournaments all over the world and has many trophies to his name. His mother is Lily Yip, of Lily Yip Table Tennis Center on North Avenue in Dunellen. He's now hoping to win a free trip to Dubai for getting most views of his trick shot videos below.

"I've always been fascinated by the complexity of table tennis and one thing I love about it is that there are seemingly endless possibilities with what one can do with just a paddle, ball, and table," Hugh said in a recent interview with "Even as a young player, I was known to have 'tricky' and creative serves, as well as a knack for finding ways to return balls with unexpected shots. I feel that a 'trick shot video' is the perfect outlet for me to create and bring something brand new to the table (pun intended)."

Both videos are great, but the back to the table shot where he puts enough English on it to make it defy laws of all known physics and change directions is my favorite. Never even saw Forrest Gump pull that off!