My last forecast was last Thursday because I was off Friday, and the weekend temperatures I predicted reasonably well if I remember correctly.  Low to mid 50s was the high Saturday, and Sunday's highs were in the upper 50s and lower 60s.

Warm weather is on the way.  Temperatures will be near 70 or better today, at least away from the ocean.  We have a mix of clouds and sunshine.  We may have a risk of a passing shower in Central and Northern New Jersey tonight.

Tuesday will be mild as well, in fact it will be downright warm.  It will be well into the 70s, possibly near 80.  At night there may be a chance for some showers, and Wednesday's highs will be at least in lower 80s.

There will be more warm weather Thursday before showers come in Thursday night and cool us down a bit for Friday and the upcoming weekend.