Winning tickets to your favorite games and events are at your fingertips, and we would like to congratulate our most recent winners!!

We all have this wondering suspicion that once we enter these online contests, how do we know if anybody ever wins? I know I feel the same way, and if you are like me then your probably thinking, wouldn't it be nice if someone could tell me who wins as some sort of proof?

Well we thought of that! So Congratulations to George from Randolph and Richard from Ocean Township on being our most recent winners of Yankees tickets as they get to see the Yankees v. The Twins on Thursday at 7:05pm!





Plus another congratulations to Karl from Jackson and Lisa from Ewing on winning a pair of season passes to Six Flags Great Adventure! You can read all about the awesome things to do at Six Flags here and don't forget to look for our 'Let Us Hear You Scream' Contest, that's coming along later this month!




To register to become a member of The Jersey Prize Club you can click here and enter to win tickets to see Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and tickets to an upcoming Yankees game! There's tons of prizes to be won out there, wouldn't you like to get your hands on them?