A Tennessee Walmart has refused to print pictures of a woman breastfeeding her baby and one of the child’s naked backside in a pool.

Walmart entrance (Justin Sullivan, Getty Images)


Whitney Walters of Knoxville says she felt humiliated when told her 2 breastfeeding photos and 1 backside violated store policy.  “The lady told me that there was a problem with my order. There was a sticky note on the package that said three of my pictures were deemed inappropriate for printing,” Walters said.

However Walters said Walmart did print two other pictures of her breastfeeding from the same group of pictures. The manager couldn't explain the discrepancy, she said.

I don’t see a problem with breastfeeding pictures at all, especially when it’s allowed in public places. How do you feel? Should Walmart have printed the breastfeeding pictures?