Wall Street woes again as post-election stocks slip and we draw ever-closer to the so-called, "fiscal cliff."

Spencer Platt, Getty Images

The Dow lost another 30 points on Thursday.

It has lost a thousand points in a month, including a big drop the day after President Obama won a second term, as investors worried about a continuation of Washington's political gridlock over tax and spending cuts.

The Dow lost has lost 5 percent since Election Day. It stands at a four-month low right now.

Mercer County stock analyst Ken Kamen says he's an incurable optimist who believes no one wants to be blamed for an economic collapse in January.

"I think human nature is going to win out here and they are going to find a way to make a compromise, so everyone can claim victory," said Kamen.

Europe's economy also continues to haunt investors. The Continent announced Thursday it has slipped back into a recession.