We were joined by a couple of amazing people this morning. One was a veteran of World War II and the other wanted to do everything possible so that this generation does not forget what our veterans have done for us.

Dawn Navallo, is the manager of Dunkin' Donuts in Cream Ridge, NJ on County Road 539. One of her normal customers was WWII Veteran Jim Viviano. Jim was a Navy Seabee who was stationed in Okinawa, Japan. After the United States bombed Japan, it was the Navy Seabees, like Jim, who went in and rebuilt the area so the Marines and Army could work there.

Dawn wanted to do something special for our NJ veterans but wasn't sure what it could be. "It's a blank wall, we need to do something with this wall," Dawn said. Then she got the idea to dedicate a wall of the store to our local veterans. Jim was the first veteran's photo that went on that wall. Now, the wall boasts over 400 photos with another 50 picture waiting to be put up!

I asked Jim how he felt about veterans because it seems as if people today hardly know a veteran, never mind have one in their family.  "Unfortunately, the younger people need to understand what a veteran is," Viviano said. One of Dawn's staff members even told her that they didn't know how important it was to honor a veteran until she put up this wall o f photos.

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