Here’s what’s on Tonight’s Late Show…New Jersey’s only all live /all local/ all night show…with me, just a guy with a microphone, a transmitter; and an internet connection.
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1) Would you like to see Gov. Romney pick Gov. Christie as his running mate, or would you rather see the Governor stay here and run perhaps in 2016 should Romney loose. – [POLL]

2) We’ll revisit the controversy over the mural in Elmwood Park that’s dedicated to Trayvon Martin. Do you feel it’s protected speech or signage that the town says must go.

3) Have you ever used an excuse to get out of a traffic ticket? This morning during the Jim Gearhart show, he talked about a controversy surrounding a South Jersey legislator's traffic. Poll is up right now as to whether or not you believe the assemblyman who was given a ticket by a state patrolman should have gotten a pass or not.

4) New Brunswick is having a gun buyback program this weekend. Would you give your guns away for cash? And do you feel that gun buy-back programs really work?. [POLL LINK TO BE POSTED]

5) Have you ever had anyone try and steal gas from you….since the prices have been going up, criminals have come up with all kinds of ingenious ways of stealing your gas…and that’s not all!

6) Do you still go bowling. Some think that bowling is a sport for the "alter kacher" set! (I will explain the meaning of the previous expression in a "Glossary" post to follow!)

And other things too numerous to mention here.

Back tonight at 11 on the radio, and online!